Step up to the innovation of safe, affordable, and beautiful staircases. Step up to Stair Lock!

Australia’s No. 1 stairway system offers a wide range of stairs suitable for any style of home.

  • MDF Stairs

    Many customers benefit from their ability to install their MDF stairs at frame stage. Using a HMR board (high moisture resistance) they will guarantee the stairs for 90 days whilst under construction on top of the standard 25-year guarantee. This brings a couple of benefits to the builder:

    • This greatly assists all on-site trades to access the upper levels safely, removing ladder requirements on site which in turn speeds up construction.
    • This also passes on a cost saving to the builder, eliminating the need for void protection.
  • American Oak Overlay

    Stair Lock’s American Oak overlay system is easy to install due to its dovetail construction method which saves loads of time. No other stair company offers the patented dovetail stair system which is recognised as a money-saver and a most efficient way to install stairs.

  • Custom Stairs

    Many home buyers and builders are enticed by the idea of custom furniture. Stair Lock makes custom staircases a breeze with their expert team of designers and engineers. They can work with you to ensure a unique look while providing technical support and services throughout the entire process. And of course, they’re still backed by a 25-year warranty.

  • DIY Stairs

    DIY flat pack stairs provide an economical and efficient solution for DIY enthusiasts and builders alike. This is a great choice for those wanting a more custom and economical solution. They will even send out an installation guru to quick-train your carpenters! Stair Lock stair packs are manufactured to exact measurements which guarantees a precise fit and minimal cutting on site. Each pack comes with an easy-to-use installation guide as well, so even if you don’t choose to have the Stair Lock team install them, you can still get the job done.

Give the team at Stair Lock a call today to start building your eco-friendly & fantastically designed staircase!

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