Our Guide to an Impressive Lawn

“Our neighbours are all envious and ask where we got our lawn from!”  – Michael & Melissa – Greenbank

Have the sun and heat been hitting your lawn hard? Maybe you’re looking for a fresh and healthy fix for your lawn?

Preparation is key for the success and longevity of a healthy lawn. To get the best results, see the process below:

  • Step 1: Measuring & Ordering

  • Step 2: Site & Soil Preparation

  • Step 3: Installation of Turf

  • Step 4: Watering New Turf

Or you can call up to obtain a free quote from Australian Lawn Concepts!

What They Offer

ALC supply the turf grass you need to add life and vibrancy to your project’s exterior. ALC has a proud reputation as a quality turf grass grower and supplier in Queensland. With 27 years of experience, they can help you & your clients achieve a beautiful lawn!

Operating six days, Monday-Saturday, the team at ALC stock a wide variety of turf including:

  • Sir Walter
  • Zoysia
  • OZ Tuff
  • Wintergreen

At ALC, they’ll always provide obligation-free assistance in the lawn specifying and installation process. ALC make it easy for you with their unique service offerings including site preparation, installation and delivery.

Delivery is Key

Apart from many standard delivery systems, ALC will deliver next day if the order is made before 1pm. They also deliver with a pallet-less system using an all-terrain forklift. This ensures ease of turf placement and no extra pallets for you to dispose of.

The unique self-loading forklift allowed the Australian Lawn Concepts driver to place our turf exactly where we wanted it. This was a real bonus, saving us wheelbarrowing turf from driveway or roadside.”

John Dwyer – Lakeview Downs

Variety to Meet Your Standards

ALC know that their customers appreciate comparing options. That’s why they’ve created a special Grass Type Compare Chart to help you choose the best grass for your needs.

Clean Green turf is now available from several ALC supplier brands. Clean Green Growth Management is a process designed to supply all of the nutrients and micro-organisms that soil needs to promote strong and healthy growth. At the same time, it removes the need to use harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals and replaces them with all natural products.

ALC are a Turf Queensland Accredited Supplier and they’ll always aim to meet and exceed your expectations, no matter the size of your job.

Contact Australian Lawn Concepts

5543 0145 or [email protected]

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