A solid floor is a vital component of constructing a solid home! That’s why we’ve become a re-seller of MEGAjoist!

The Basics

MEGAjoist™ has launched a new, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, long span floor joist and rafter system. It’s easy to install and provides ready-made service penetrations.

  • Pre-ordered lengths available
  • Can be docked in the factory or on site as required

Tell Me More

The design uses solid timber flanges and intermediate timber webs that are glued together to act as a solid element. The joist acts more like a timber beam than a truss, giving the completed floor system a more solid feel.

  • Patented product
  • They boast large service penetrations that all line up which makes installation of plumbing and electrical services easier.
  • No sharp edges or plates that can strip wires or injure workers = easy and safe to handle!

More Technical

Pre-fabricated end blocks simply slide between the joist ends on the supporting walls.

  • Supports structure raking
  • Easier installation
  • Top flanges can be raked from 1 to 5 degrees, depending on the rafter length, providing a cost-effective roof structure.
  • A pre-fabricated notch can be provided for the required box gutter.

Building a deck or pergola?  The H3 treated pine is great for external applications.

The Differences That Make a Difference:

  • Easy to Install

  • Fully Australian Made

  • Fully Site Dockable

  • More Solid Than Conventional Floor / Roof Trusses

  • No sharp metal edges like standard Pozis

  • Little or No Lead Time

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Impressive Strength and Durability

  • Engineer Designed and Certified

  • Provides Ready-Made Service Penetrations