Putting Up Walls: Considerations for Plaster Jobs

When it’s time put up your internal walls, a smooth finish and timely installation are important factors. You want to get the job done right the first time so painting and fit-out are a breeze.

Before getting an estimate on your project, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Do you require metal battens for the ceilings?

    If so, do you want the battens direct fixed or laser levelled?

  • Do you want the plaster to be recycled?

EPL Domestic & Commercial Plaster Linings (EPL) are a team of professional plasterboard installers who are committed to providing a high-quality finish! Their product knowledge, industry expertise and vast experience ensure quick and cost-effective project turnovers without sacrificing quality.

Set Apart in the Industry

EPL take pride in knowing that every job they commit to will bear some important traits:

  • Will be at a market competitive rate

  • Will be assessed for site safety and plaster readiness (pre-inspection)

  • Will conform to or exceed the minimum Level 4 industry standard

  • Will have the job completed within the agreed timeframe.

  • Will leave the floor area clean & tidy, ready for the next trade.

EPL have a large number of satisfied builders representing both large corporates and the small owner builder giving us repeat business, not only because of the points raised above, but also because our experienced supervisors and managers can actually help them with achieving a better level of plastered finish. For example:

They may suggest solutions to potential Glancing light issues caused by poor window or lighting placement by “feathering out” their joins, pre-empt uneven ceiling issues caused by uneven beams or trusses by using side clipped Battens.

EPL are also one of very few plasterers in the industry that actually comply with manufacturers proprietary systems, such as Rondo’s direct fix batten fixing method using mandatory (314) clips ensuring full compliance and warranty coverage.

Typical Job Timeline

EPL have created an easy and seamless process that ensures the best experience for their builders and clients:

  1. Call up (5 Day notice) – Supervisor calendars are populated with key dates
  2. Pre-plaster inspection checklist
  3. Material delivered and completion date set + hangers commence
  4. +2 Days Stopping & cornicing commences
  5. +4 Days Sanding & Clean up
  6. +2 Days Job Complete and ready for fix out
  7. Pre-Paint Inspection on 3-day call up

Safety Standards

Of course, safety is important to EPL as well. That’s why they are committed to the following safety concerns and standards:

  • Safe Work Method statements
  • Site risk assessments (on every job & can be tailored to projects)
  • Employee induction and record of personal details
  • Site safety delivery process
  • Regular site safety awareness meetings
  • PPE equipment checklist
  • Test and tag compliance

Supply, Fix & Set

EPL focus on delivering a high standard of service. They specialise in:

  • New Homes
  • Unit Developments
  • Commercial/factory Developments
  • Recycling & waste management
  • Comprehensive Pre and Post supervisor checks

EPL service all Metro Melbourne and select regional areas.

They are committed to your deadlines, so get started with EPL today!

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