No Longer Stuck on Just Plasterboard…

    Chad are now are a one stop shop for plasterboard, insulation, split system aircons, hot water systems & more!

    Whether you are building a new home, renovating or just looking to improve the thermal and acoustic properties of your existing home, Chad Insulation can make your next project more comfortable and economic.

    Eco Wool

    CHAD Insulation Services specialises in both the supply and installation of Ecowool® across the state. CHAD Insulation Services offers a large team of fully-trained professional installers!


    Earthwool is made using recycled glass bottles and is also compression packed to reduce transport emissions and stockist storage costs. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde, artificial colours or bleach and is as good natural alternative to traditional glasswool insulation!

    Hot Water Systems

    The Chad group are now suppliers of hot water systems including Chromagen solar hot water.

    How Chromagen’s SplitLine Solar Hot Water Works:

    • The Roof-mounted thermal collector harness’ the free abundant heat energy from the sun.
    • Water from the tank is circulated via a small pump through the roof-mounted collectors and is heated.
    • The heated water returns to the tank and is stored for later use.
    • On days of high consumption and/or low solar gain the gas continuous flow booster assists in reaching the desired water temperature.

    Did you know that through Chad Paint you can great a range of paint too? All the paint is Aussie made, interior and exterior for walls and ceilings, low sheen and flat.

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