House Raising

Lifting Houses to New Heights

Raise My House is a small, familyowned and operated business the provides honest and quality work. They raise over one hundred houses each year including maintenance – there is no job too big or small! With their structured and professional team always on hand, they strive to offer you a smooth and reliable service from contract to completion.

We have raised several flood affected homes to lift them to safer levels. We also carry out work in the older inner suburbs of Brisbane that contain many old Queenslander homes.

Raise My House

It’s clear that raising a house can be highly beneficial for Queenslander homes, but what exactly does that process look like?

How to Raise a House

  1. At Raise My House, they always install the structural steel work for the job first.
  2. Then the house is lifted. By doing it this way, it adds some structural integrity to the house before it’s thrown into the air.
  3. Once lifted to the required height, they will coordinate with the Earthworks operators to have the old concrete and stumps removed.
  4. The holes are bored and then inspected by the engineer that designed the job.
  5. Once inspected, the steel columns are hung and backfilled with concrete.
  6. In the coming day or two, the house is lowered onto the columns, welded into position and the house raising gear is removed.

House Raising FAQs

  • What’s the number one cause for delay in house raising work?

    Energex are our biggest delay in getting started, namely due to their tardiness in disconnecting the power from the house. This is required for all house raising projects and any contractor that tells you different is putting you at risk. The best way to avoid this delay is to deal directly with a temporary pole company to arrange the disconnect for you. They will even liaise directly with your customer and Energex.

  • How does Raise My House account for the earthworks, dumping and drilling of holes?

    Raise My House works on over 100 house raising projects each year. On most jobs, we arrange a suitable Earthwork combination for the job. We’ll arrange and supervise the works and they’ll invoice you directly. However, if you have existing relationships with operators then that is fine also– we’re more than happy to work with them as well.

  • How does Raise My House maintain quality control?

    In consultation with the builder, we sign off at specific stages. This is similar to the way a window company would get you to sign off on the window dimensions. We do the same with the location of the columns and the position and height of the house. The time and stress that this saves by involving the builder/foreman at the key points of the process, allows for a smooth transition between the trades. The intent of this is not to pass the burden of responsibility onto the builder, but instead ensuring the builder maintains control at the key points.

  • How long does it take to return a written quote?

    Up to seven working days, provided that we have Working Drawing and Engineering. It’s also very useful to provide us with the soil test. We do look at the soil test a point of discussion around what to expect once the holes are bored. Our experience with dealing with the Earth is invaluable in informing the client prior to work commencement. This way you can prepare your client for possible extremes like rock or in some cases, water.

  • What are Raise My House’s lead times?

    Generally our lead times are two weeks from the point in time that we are awarded the work. This does change, but generally we’re able to keep our lead times to around this amount.

Raise My House also delivers expert service with the following projects:

  • Re-stumping
  • Stump replacement
  • House re-levelling
  • Dig outs
  • Concreting
  • Retaining walls

Offering extensive house raising services across Brisbane and beyond, Raise My House can work with a range of materials including timber, concrete and steel. Whether your clients need a house raised to provide more living space, for vehicle accommodation, for flood relief or even for improving their views, Raise My House can do the job.

Raise My House strive to maintain a strong client focus, ensuring each job is completed with the utmost integrity and satisfaction.

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