Fixed Cost Foundations For Any Site

Ideal Foundations are a recognised leader in the development of the screw pier industry, focused on delivering a cost-effective foundation system for the residential housing industry to enable the up-front fixing of foundation costs.

Seeing the Opportunity Gap

The Australian housing industry has a very poor record in pricing foundations for slabs since these costs typically are not fixed in the building contract. Sometimes this can be a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in final prices.

Providing a Solution

Ideal Corp is offering fixed foundation costs. As the builder, you can include it in the contract, which among other things, will help you stand out from competition.

Ideal Foundations have an established manufacturing plant and a team of highly specialised and trained staff that all combine to deliver a reliable foundation solution.

Products and Services

Ideal Foundations are a leading manufacturer and installer of screw piers for foundations to the residential and commercial housing industry. They have a range of piers from 70kn SWL to 500kn SWL.

Their services include:

Screw piers can be used on any site, these include:

  • Sand
  • Fill
  • Marine Clays
  • Tree Influence
  • Around Sewers & Storm Water Pipes
  • Low Bearing Soils
  • And even into rock!

Screw Piers are most cost effective at depths of 1.5m and below and can directly replace bored piers under any slab type. In the case of bored pier replacement, Ideal foundations will contact your engineer to discuss load and connection requirements to allow for easy transition.

Ideal Foundation had been a proud member of Trade Alliance Group for 4 years and look forward to assisting you on your next project!

Check out the Ideal Corp website for more info!

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