Keep reading to find out about the price rise & the new deliveries app!

New Pricing Structure for Next 12 Months

While most Boral customers received a $13 price rise (as well as multiple price rises per year), thanks to your support, TAG has been able to negotiate and keep the price rise down to only $9. The increase comes into effect 16th July.

With Boral themselves receiving 3 cement cost increases over the last 12 months and with the major infrastructure projects happening around Melbourne straining the supply of raw materials, the $9 increase and certainty of having prices locked in for another 12 months is a great win for all TAG members.

Please refer to the Boral Service Fees Sheet for any additional fees that may apply (minimum load, waiting time, disposal, etc).

Concrete Deliveries App

Boral launches onsite support tool for all of your Concrete Deliveries

Do you want to plan your day more effectively? Do you want to know how far away your truck is and what product is being delivered today?

Boral have been listening and are making these changes to provide you with an improved level of service. They are excited to announce a new online application Concrete Deliveries.

The Concrete Deliveries application shows the estimated time of arrival for each truck delivering your pour on the day – updated in near real-time so that you can view your orders.

To find out more about this convenient and easy to use service, please refer to Concrete Deliveries Popular Questions and instructional video in the following link: