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Exciting Times Ahead for 5 Star Timbers

After 10 ½ years, 5 Star’s lease at 25 Quarry Road, Stapylton has come to an end providing them with an exciting opportunity to re-evaluate the structure of 5 Star Timbers & how to best progress into the future.

After much consultation with their customers, suppliers & staff, they have come to the decision that combining their greatest assets of their people, production capability, sales & service into a one stop operation at Ewing Road, Woodridge, is the smartest choice to make.

How to Confidently Deal with Price Conscious Customers

One of the biggest challenges for trades business owners, is knowing how to manage the price-conscious customer who may be ‘shopping around’ for the cheapest option. Not all potential customers fit into this bracket (and ideally, this is not the type of customer you want to attract and work for consistently), however you may come across a situation where you have a dream customer who does query your price. How do you deal with this confidently and still win the business?