How to Be Cool & Comfortable: Insulation Guide

What is one thing that makes a house into a home? Comfort. Comfort may come in many forms, but one way you can ensure comfort for your clients is by providing them with proper insulation and ventilation.

Austral Insulation is a premier supplier and installer of insulation. For over 36 years, they have proven a trusted partner of many builders.  As specialists in thermal and acoustic insulation, they believe in providing quality, innovative solutions to make living environments comfortable, safe, and energy efficient.

They take an individualised approach to every project, and with their range of products and services and a fully trained team of specialists, you can expect success in every installation project in your property.

Insulation – Thermal

We all know that insulation works as a barrier to heat and sound transfer, but did you know…

Thermal Insulation can keep a house up to 7 degrees cooler in the summer and up to 10 degrees warmer in the winter!

You just need to select the appropriately rated insulation and have it installed correctly (don’t skip this step!). Austral Insulation are the selection and installation professionals and can help maximise your thermal protection with a simple install of Gold ceiling and wall batts.

Insulation – Acoustic

Acoustic Insulation requires expert advice. When working out acoustic options you need to consider:

  • What kind of noise are you wanting to dampen?

    Traffic noise, media room noise, footsteps on the timber floor upstairs or even bathroom noise.

  • What thickness do you have to play with?

    Wall size, roof space, etc.

Once these are established, Austral Insulation will work out the most cost-effective way to achieve your acoustic oasis while still providing a quality product.

Sustainability and Efficiency

What’s the best R rating?

Austral don’t just tell you the best R rating. The fact that they deal with all manufacturers of insulation means they can look at the whole house, the R rating needed and work out the most cost-effective way to achieve this while still providing a quality product.

Providing a 6-Star energy efficiency rating is nothing to be underestimated. A 6-star house is not only more comfortable to live in, it will also provide homeowners with ongoing savings on electricity bills because it uses less energy for artificial cooling and heating.

This standard can also reduce the need for additional electricity infrastructure caused by peak demand by encouraging more energy efficient building design. For more information on 6-Star energy rating, view this information sheet from QLD government.

Shouldn’t I use Earthwool to be environmentally friendly?

  • Earthwool is just like any other glasswool product. The difference is it doesn’t use Formaldehyde as a binder.
  • Earthwool has gained popularity in recent years because it uses a different binder, which makes it less itchy to work with. However, other glasswool manufactures are now using much less Formaldehyde in their products, so they are just as easy to work with!
  • It also comes in a highly compressed packaging, which can reduce storage space. However, it is often less rigid than other glasswool products causing some minor installation issues inside wall cavities.
  • Regardless of what brand you decide to use, the R rating is what matters as far as thermal resistance is concerned.

Big Benefits

Austral Insulation’s team with help make the process smooth, from start to finish:

  • Fully-trained Installers

  • 2-Day turnaround time

  • Courteous, friendly & professional

  • No gaps between the batts!

Keep comfort and energy efficiency at the forefront with Austral Insulation’s products and services.

Visit the Austral Insulation website to learn more and make sure to check out their Facebook page for more updates.

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