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Supplier Spotlight: DécoR Stone

DécoR Stone serves Victoria and Queensland, and is one of the leading distributors of decorative stone in Australia.

They provide products for your outdoor and indoor jobs. DécoR Stone has maintained highest priority on quality service to its clients, and also pride in their production. All products are hand assembled ensuring that every item is individual in its appearance. Moulds are used so that accurate sized panels are produced. Different sized pieces of stone provide the individual character to each panel produced.

2015 BCA – Printed Volumes Available

The Australian Building Codes Board did the right thing when they decided to offer free online access to the National Construction Code (NCC). However, if you are old-school you might like having a hard copy book on the shelf or in the car. HIA has a licence to print BCA volumes one and two.
Set price is $315 or $250 if you’re a HIA member.
If you would like to purchase a volume or the set please contact or call 1300 650 620 for your local HIA office.

There are QR Codes now on the market called ‘SafeScan’ that help with your site safety compliance?

Get your trades and site visitors to scan the code which downloads the induction paperwork and other documents. When they do this the system captures the record of download against that contractor. Now you have evidence that you have provided the information to your workers. So easy!

Call Brook for more details on 0434 446 956 or email him at

QBCC’s contract requirements are changing on 1st July

The domestic building contracts that you’re using now will be illegal if signed after 30th June due to changes in QBCC’s contract requirements. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to modify your current contracts to meet the new requirements.

HIA’s contracts online will be updated automatically after 30th June once the changes come into force so this is a good way of ensuring that you’re using the right contract.

HIA is also offering webinars, information sessions, rebates on unused contracts and explanatory material about the changes to all members.

For more information on changes to building contracts click here.
Or call Doreen on 3021 8800 or email her at

Erosion Fines Over $8500

Changes to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld) has seen fines for erosion and sediment breaches increase to $8,538. These fines have significantly increased from the pre 1 September 2014 amount of $2,277 with no apparent justification. HIA is taking on this issue with the state and local governments.