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Jeff Towler

Jeff Towler -
Matt Lean

Matt Lean -
Greg Steel

TAG's prepaid deals are great as they enable you to access group buying power to get a better deal.

Greg Steel -
David Rogerson

I came across TAG by accident. Being a member of the HIA, it came to my attention as an associated group. I find it impossible now to have accounts with all the businesses we need during the construction of our projects. Hence pricing isn’t always that sharp. TAG fills these gaps and provides a comprehensive service to me while I enjoy prices of a much bigger turnover. I almost recovered the annual member fee in the first insulated roof supplied. My recommendations are generally few but TAG is all benefits, some are the best I have found.

David Rogerson -
Brad Schelberg

I use the prepaid deals for their very competitive price, especially for items I don't normally use. It gives me an advantage over the competition & their service is second to none.

Brad Schelberg -
Steve Burns

You don't have to worry about a thing with TAG's prepaid deals! You just call up and order - it's so easy! 

Steve Burns -
Nathan Bisshop

TAG has good prices, good service and are very easy to deal with!

Nathan Bisshop -
Matt Bufalino

The girls in the office help make dealing with TAG very easy. The competitive prices, service and organisation are what keeps me coming back!

Matt Bufalino -
Cameron Miller

TAG's quick service & turnaround times help us deliver both cost effective & quality renovations and extensions to our clients.

Cameron Miller -
Martin Langton

TAG's prompt service, competitive prices & quick turnaround times means I don’t have to search around for suppliers, saving me valuable time & money.

Martin Langton -
William Stanley

I love TAG's competitive prices & the constant specials they have on!

William Stanley -
Marcel Van Der Harst

I have been using several of TAG's suppliers & I am very impressed by both the level of service they provide and also their prices.

Marcel Van Der Harst -
Lee Grant

TAG saves me the hassle of having to ring around to find suppliers. I know they will be competitive and give me the service I expect.

Josh O’Sullivan

I used TAG's steel roofing & concrete block deal and I am very impressed with their response time, level of service, communication and of course their price! Certainly much better than dealing with a hardware store.

Josh O’Sullivan -
Ben Davis

I'm currently building a high-end live-in display home & have used several of TAG's prepaid deals. The price and service TAG has to offer is fantastic! It has attributed to the high level of product that 1Struct offers to our clients.

Ben Davis -
Scott Harris

TAG's insulated roofing deal is extremely competitive and is always delivered on time. If there are any problems it is always sorted out promptly and professionally.

Luke Van Der Ros

TAG’s pre-paid deals not only offer top quality products at cheap prices, but you also deal with very friendly people!

Luke Van Der Ros -
Rowley Wilson

TAG’s pre-paid deals are great value for money, which saves me plenty of coin!

Rowley Wilson -
Luke Henkey

The thing I love about TAG is the level of support you get from their suppliers and reps. That’s why I continue to use their suppliers.

Luke Henkey -
Marc Santa

I like TAGs good, quick service, their convenience and their follow-up.

Ty Gibson

TAG is the best company to deal with. They are friendly, prompt and their service is spot on!

Ty Gibson -
Scott Dowling

TAGs great prices provide a way for me to be more competitive!

Scott Dowling -
Laurence Chan

I was after blocks and I found the block price there better than my suppliers.

Matt Roue

The best thing about TAG is that whenever I need concrete, timber or blocks not only do they have a fast response time but their prices help to compete against the bigger builders

Bernie Punter

I love the convenience of one phone call and you get what you need at a competitive rate. You don’t have to waste time calling around to try to get the lowest price.

Eden Feehely

TAGs PrePaid Deals are ideal for the smaller builder and are one of the main reasons I joined HIA.

Eden Feehely -
Daniel Trent

I used to get my insulated roofing from Stratco but I found TAGs PrePaid Deal a lot cheaper and it looks great!

Daniel Trent -
Ryan Pearse

Great staff & friendly service.

Ryan Pearse -
Chris Allen

With the TAG PrePaid Deals I buy better than some of the bigger tradies

Simon Lewis

The PrePaid Deals through TAG make some tradies wonder where I buy from at such a cheap rate

Simon Lewis -
Trent Petterson

Can’t go past the insulated roof prices, beats others hands down

Trent Petterson -