Getting lost under piles of paperwork and not sure how to get out from under? Our business services have you covered.

The TAG Subscription is Aussie Tradies ticket to better pricing and this is your invitation to join us for FREE.
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Why Join The TAG Membership ?

Reduce Supply Frustrations

Don’t know who to turn to when your regular supplier lets you down? Gain access to a network of proven, quality suppliers who are trusted by hundreds of other group members. When we all band together, the suppliers want to look after us more – on both price and service – so that all of us keep supporting them.

Maximise Your Business Efficiency

we have a complete toolbox of business services, all of which can help you to find efficiencies around actually running your business. Don’t worry, no one will try to tell you how to run your business, but you might find a few usefully tools that you’d never even thought of before, such as insurance, estimating, project management, contracts, debt collection, book-keeping, marketing, sales, team development, business mentoring and more!

Take Back Your Time

Our TAG Assist support services are all designed to save you time to allow you get on with the more important things. Problems with a supplier? Let us help you go straight to the person who cares about fixing it. Need suppliers to quote off your plans for the next job? Send it to us and we’ll send it to all of the relevant TAG suppliers for you. Not sure who will supply a certain product or service? Reach out and we’ll find out for you! 

We’ve got negotiated deals with suppliers, so you save time not having to negotiate


Member Benefits

Access to discounts from TAG Suppliers
building better business through more competitive pricing

keep informed so you can jump on specials and latest trends

Access to PPDs/”TAG Special Orders”
more competitive – higher productivity

Annual Business Health Check-up
Make sure you’re continuing to build better business

Access to Price Lists Online
Do your quotes when you need to

Plan Quoting Service
One stop shop for quoting – don’t waste time sending emails yourself

Alliance Estimating discounts
Huge time saver at special pricing for TAG members – “Take back your time”

‘First 3 months free’ vouchers to give away
Share the love with a mate and receive $50 referral gift if they join

Facebook Group
Access our private Facebook group of like-minded builders & trades

That’s thousands in value and if your business qualifies, you can get instant access for FREE.

Give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose!

What Builders and Trades Like You Have To Say

The Deals through TAG make some tradies wonder where I buy from at such a cheap rate.

Simon LewisSR Lewis Constructions

Can’t go past the TAG prices, beats others hands down and has saved me thousands.

Trent PetersonTNNP Constructions

TAG’s Deals are ideal for the smaller builder and are one of the main reasons I joined.

Eden FeehelyRenewtech Constructions

I use TAG’s Concrete Deal and every time I need to order. Unless you like overpaying, I recommend others to use it as well.

Neil SargeantCity and Country Group

Welcome to the highest value Membership for Builders and Trade Professionals

But before you join, know this not for everyone…

At TAG, we’re committed to build a thriving community that benefits everyone. A big part of this is ensuring all new members not only get value from the membership but will also be able to give value to other members.

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